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German Police Concentration Camp: GPCC Series

Periodic Summary Report: ZIP / OS7 / 27.2.43

ZIP/OS 7/27.2.43 (Page: 1)
                      M O S T  S E C R E T


GPDD No’s :- 224b, 233b, 240b, 241b, 243b, 285a, 293a,b,
             295a,b, 299a, 299b, 306b, 309b, 310b, 311a, b,
             313a,b, 351a,b, 362a,b, 369a,b,d, 370a,b,
             371a,b, 372a,b, 373a,b, 378d, 379d, 380d,
             384a, 385d, 386d, 387d, 388d, 391d, 394d.

Covering material received between 25th January and 26th February, 1943.
                             S  U  M  M  A  R  Y.
I.      The Waffen SS.
II.     Concentration Camps.
III.    Miscellaneous.
         The Totenkopf division has joined the SS.Pz. Korps in South
Russia;  the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler has been “completely
disorganised”.  Wiking has withdrawn to ARTEMOWSK, having lost
most of its tanks.    A new SS. Croatian division is projected.
Information about Concentration Camps has ceased;  a serious
outbreak of typhus was however reported from DACHAU at the end of
January.    Plans for moving the SS. Supply Centre and Hospital
from DNIEPROPETOWSK have been made.
1.  M.I. 14(d).
2.  Major Leathem.
3.  Squadron Leader Oeser.
4.  Wing Commander Jones.
5.  B.P.I.E.
6.  Lt. Col. Lithgow
7.  File.
8.  File
9.  Col. Hatton Hall.
10. Spare.

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II Concentration Camps.
        No returns of inmates and no February messages have been received.
We have therefore only fragments of information to add to previous
accounts.  Transference of guards to field units has already been noted;
FLOSSENBUERG claims to have given up 114 SS. men since 1 Jan(?) 1942 and
therefore demands electrified wiring to save guards. (369b11)  The 138
Legionists, who moved from WEIMAR to AUSCHWITZ (Sonderkdo Z) on 21 Sept.,
are presumably foreigners of Volksdeutshce (243b4).  100 recruits are being
sent to DACHAU; so were called up by 18 Jan. (362b3)  Ukranians are used
as guards at LUBLIN. (362b6).
     A new camp is being started at HERTOGENBOSCH with guards from
MAUTHAUSEN, FLOSSENBUERG, and AUSCHWITZ. (369b17, 370b9, 371b1,6)  The camps
at LINZ and GROSS-RAHMING are being remanned. (371b6)  An Aussenlager
BRETSTEN is mentioned in connection with MAUTHAUSEN (313b22) and an Aussen-
stelle RAVENSBRUECK in connection with DACHAU Clothing factory (293b22).
     A little more evidence as to the use of prisoners is available.  In
September MAURER demands labour for important railway work. (243b36) In
November BUCHENWALD sends 200 prisoners to Basalt quarries (299b21) and of
1000 prisoners employed on clearing COLOGNE 250 are to be sent to clear
LUEBECK (299b36).  Transferences of 600 prisoners from BUCHENWALD to
GROSSROSEN and 163 from FLOSSENBURG to AUSCHWITZ are presumably in connection
with work (237b19, 310b4).
     DACHAU is still used to receive the unfit as 19 TB cases were sent
there on 28 Nov. (311b18), and at the end of January a serious outbreak of
typhus, 150 cases, caused the camp to be closed. (369b22,24,25)
     The Commandant of MAUTHAUSEN (310b26) in reporting on the Sicherungs-
verwaehrten who had arrived up to 27 Nov., proposed to classify them into
stone-masons, quarrymen, armament workers, and unfit: some are 80 years
old and all need their physique building up. In September MAUTHAUSEN
received some hundreds of prisoners from BELGRADE (240b21).
The Einsatz Reinhardt (see O/S 6,iii.I) is probably referred to
again : on 15 Sept. a car is sent from Auschwitz to LITZMANNSTADT to try
out the fieldkitchens for the Aktion REINHARD (237b42).

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