Some Revisionist articles

Allied plans for annihilation Nordbruch, Claus R, 2004, 2 Annihilation of German people

Anti-Defamation League Grubach, Paul R, 2002, 1 ADL & Bradley Smith

Anti-semitism Shamir, Israel R, 2004, 3 On anti-Semitism & Superhumans

Auschwitz controversy Rudolf Germar R, 2004, 4 Number of Auschwitz victims

Atrocity propaganda WW1 Grubach Paul R, 2002, 4 Is there a lesson here?

Auschwitz, air photos Allen Andrew, R, 2000,4 Aerial Photo Surveillance of Auschwitz

Auschwitz four million Mattogno Carlo R, 2003, 4 The 4 million Figure for Auschwitz

Auschwitz trial judge McCullough, Ross R, 2001, 3 Jan Sehn Judge at Auschwitz  trial

Auschwitz Trial 1972 Lueftl R, 20004, 3 1972: A Different Auschwitz Trial

Auschwitz witness Baum, Gerhart R, 2004, 4 A Witness experience

Blue hue of victims Provan Charles R, 2004, 2 Blue colour of Jewish victims

Bomba of Treblinka Smith, Bradley R, 2003, 2 Abraham Bomba barber of Treb.

Bunker 1 at Birkenau Mattogno, Carlo R, 2003, 2 The ‘Discovery’ of Bunker 1

Chelmno Camp? Weckert, Ingrid R, 2003, 4 What was Kulmhof/Chemno?

Construction expert view Rademacher, Werner R, 2004, 3 Engineer’s deathbed confession

Dachau Brewer, George R, 2001, 2 Uncle Remus goes to Dachau

Dachau Horror exposed Luftl, Walter R, 2003, 4 Dachau horror-tale exposed

Two Dachau diaries Weckert Ingrid R, 2004, 3 Two times Dachau

Deaths at Auschwitz Faurisson, Robert R, 2003, 1 Deaths, The Dwindling total

Deaths at Auschwitz Rudolf, Germar R, 2003, 1 Cautious mainstream revisionism

Deaths at Auschwitz Mattogno, Carlo R, 2003, 1 Meyer’s new revisions

Demjanjuk Grubch, Paul, R, 2001,4 Hunting Demjanjuk,

Diesel Exhaust Berg, Fritz R, 2000, 2 Pat Buchanan and Diesel Exhaust

Eichman Brewer, George, R, 2000, 4, The Eichmann Gambit

Evil , Mystery of Smith, Bradley R, 2002, 3 The Mystery of Evil

False Witnesses Irving, David R, 2003, 4 False Witnesses

False Memory Rudolf, Germar R, 2003, 4 False Memories everywhere

Fahrenheit 451’ Widmann, Richard R, 2000, 2 ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trends threaten

Faurisson at 75 R, 2002, 1 Whole issue dedicated to him

Finkelstein, Holo-Ind Sommers, Ernest R, 2001, 1 Finkelstein Expose of the H-Ind.

Frankfurt Auschwitz trial Rudolf, Germar R, 2003, 4 From the records of Frankfurt

German forced labour Schlee, emil R, 2004, 4 Postwar problem of German

Germany, war against Werner, Steffen R, 2003, 4 100 year’s war against Germany

Gypsy Gassing in Auschwitz? Mattogno, Carlo R, 203, 3 Gassing of Gypsies

Hate & the ADL Smith, Bradley, R,2000,1 What they Talk About

Hayward, Joel NZ Fudge, Thomas R, 2003, 4 Fate of Joel Hayward

Heisenberg & ‘Certainty’ Sommer, Gerhart R, 2003, 1 Certainty about Heisenberg

Hillel Rabbis Smith, Bradley R, 2000,3 God bless the Hillel Rabbis

Hitler’s Jewish soldiers Berger, Georg R, 2003, 1 Book Rev. H’s Jewish soldiers

Hitler stories Rudolf, Germar R, 2004,4 Courage of a secure Retiree

Holes at Auschwitz Giwer, Matt R, 2001, 3 Holes at Auschwitz

Holes of Death Rudolf, Germar R, 2004, 4 The Elusive holes of death

Holes, holocaust Brewer, George R, 2001, 3 Some Holes, some Holocaust

Holocaust compensation Brewer, George R, 2001, 1 Myth of H - compensation

Irving, David, trial Sommers Ernest, R, 2000,4 The Guilt of David Irving

Irving David Trial Sommers Ernest, R, 2000, 4 The Holocaust Defense

Irving Trial, Libel Sommers, Ernest R, 2000, 3, The Irving Case Unfolds

Irving, David, trial, Brewer, George, R, 2000, 4 The Picture of Judge Gray

Israel & Zionism Grubach, Paul R, 2002, 1 Israel, Zionism & Race

Jews in Poland Nording, Carl R, 2004, 2 What happened to Jews in Poland?

Karski, Jan O’Keefe, Theodore R, 2000, 1 Eyewitness to Gas chambers?

Keele U. air photos Rudolf, Germar R, 2004, 4 Legends, lies, prejudices

Law & Concentration camps Porter, Carlos R, 2004, 2 Some hidden legal aspects

Le Pen ‘Detail’ remark Weber, Mark R, 2002, 4 Detail of WW2

Leuchter, Fred Halvorsen, William, R, 2000, 3 Morris shines a light on Fred Leuchter

Majdanek Book Review Dixon Frances R, 2004, 1 The Other Auschwitz

Marshall plan hoax Basler Karl R, 2004, 2 The Marshall plan hoax

Morgues at Birkenau Mattogno, Carlo R, 2004, 3 Morgues of Crematoria at Birkenau

Nuremberg Porter, Carlos W. R, 2000, 3, War Crimes Trials

Office of Special Inv. Allen, Andres R, 2000, 3 Hunting ‘Nazis’

Open air incineration, Mattogno, Carlo R, 2003, 1 Incinerations at Auschwitz?

Open Air incineration Gartner, Michael R, 2003, 1 Incineration at Birkenau?

Poison Gas Berg, Fritz R, 2003, 1 Poison Gas Uber Alles

Polish population losses Muller, Otwood R, 2003, 2 WW2 Polish population

Pressac, Jean Claude Graf, Jurgen R, 2003, 4 In Memoriam Pressac

Pressace My Memories Mattogno, Carlo R, 2003, 4 Memory of Jean Pressac

Revisionism, an Intro Butz, Arthur, R, 2000, 3 A Short History of Holo-Revisionism

Revisionism, a look back Manon, Ernst R, 2003, 1 A look back at Revisionism

Revisionism & liberation Rudolf, Germar R, 2004, 1 Ideology of liberation

Rudolf Report –danger Guillaume, Pierre R, 2004, 4 R. Report ‘psychopathological’

Russia, Revisionism Strauss, Wolfgang R, 2003, 4 Revisionism in Russia

Russians in Berlin Gauss, Ernest R, 2003, 1 Book Review R’s in Berlin 1945

Sauna at Birkenau Rademacher, Werner R, 2004, 4 Sauna a ‘crime’?

Soap Weir, John R, 2002, 3 Grandma’s lie soap

Solzhenitsyn on Jews Strauss, Wolfgang R, 2004, 3 End of the Legends

Start of ‘Holocaust’ Halvorsen, William R, 2000, 1 When did the H start?

Treblinka Faurisson, Robert R, 2004, 1 Treblinka – an Exceptional guide

Treblinka Book Review Graf, Jurgen R, 2004, 1 Extermination or transit camp?

Truth, the Berg, Friedrich R, 2002, 4 The truth deserves to be known

Typhus phantom disease Humm, Otto R, 2004, 1 The phantom Disease

USHMM & gas chambers O’Keefe Theodore R, 2000, 2 The Museum’s Evidence

USHMM O’Keefe Theodore, R, 2000, 1 Challenge from the USHMM

UFOs & 3rd Reich Physics? Rudolf, Germar R, 2003, 2 On 3rd Reich flying saucers

Van Pelt’s plea Countess, Robert R, 2003, 1 Book Review: the Case for Auschwitz

Vrba, Rudolf as liar Bruun, Ernst R, 2003, 2 Vrba exposes himself as liar

Wiesenthal, Fraud & liar Dixon, Francis R, 2004, 3 Simon W. Exposed as Fraud

Witness against gas chambers Ryder R 2004, 3 Franz Olah, key witness

WW1 Sommers Ernest R, 2000, 2 The Pity of War, Review

WW1 atrocity propaganda Grubach, Paul R, 2003, 1 Book Review van Pelt

WW2 whose war was it? Schlee, Emil R, 2003, 1 WW2 whose war was it?

Zionism & Nazism Faurisson, Robert r, 2004, 2 Jewish myths about the Berlin..

Zundel Show Trial Fromm, Paul R, 2003, 4 Canadian Show Trial of Ernest Zundel

Zundel Ernst, Germany Zundel, Ingrid R, 2003, 2 Zundel’s struggle for Germany