Milestones of Revisionism

1974  Did Six Million Really Die? is published and favourably reviewed by Colin Wilson in Books and Bookmen.

1976  Prof Arthur Butz' The Hoax of the 20th century, the Case against the presumed extermination of European Jewry starts English-language revisionist debate.

1978  Crime Doctor, Charles Larson is published, describing how this top US army pathologist sent over to German labour-camps in 1945, was told to ascertain what all the piles of dead had died from, and reported famine and typhus: he did not diagnose death by gassing.

1983  It is disclosed that the Auschwitz Kommandant Rudolf Hoss had been tortured for three days and three nights by a British army hit-team - before signing his ‘confession’ at Nuremberg in April, 1946.[1] This fact only became evident in 1986 when Prof. Robert Faurisson published the story. Earlier, people had believed Hoss’s ‘confession’ was genuine.

1983  It is demonstrated by Fritz Berg that none of the abundant WW2 Diesel-gassing stories told at Nuremberg etc, can be true, because Diesel exhaust does not contain enough carbon monoxide to be lethal.

1985  Top Holocaust authority Raoul Hilberg  admits that no documents have been found indicating that any central order was ever given, for a Nazi program to exterminate Jews.[2]

1985  The trial of Ernst Zundel in Toronto. This led to Fred Leuchter being located, and asked to visit Auschwitz: to give his opinion as a professional cyanide homicidal gas chamber expert as to how they had worked; and, to take some wall-samples. His two trials established the absence of credible 'eyewitnesses.'

1989   Publication of Leuchter Report, the real start of modern Revisionism. Translated into many different languages and published all around the world, it was swiftly banned and denounced. It argued that none of the buildings in the German camps could possibly have functioned as lethal gas chambers.

1989  ‘Death books’ from Auschwitz released from Russian archives, show a total number of authenticated deaths similar to that of the Arolsen Archives in Germany (of the order of 70,000).

1992  Video of David Cole’s tour round Auschwitz. We see him discovering that the tourist gas chamber which thirty million have been through is a postwar fabrication. Death-threats shut him up and the classic video is all we ever got from him.

1996  Professor Jan van Pelt admits in his authoritative book on Auschwitz that the human ‘gas-chamber’ there is a postwar, touristic construct, i.e. it wasn’t used.

1997  Top-secret British Intelligence decrypts from the German labour-camps are released under the 50-year rule. Historians are embarrassed by the way these give no hint of ‘the Holocaust’ going on.

2003  Publication in English of the modern Revisionist classic, Dissecting the Holocaust, with 22 different authors, a book which had been thoroughly burned and banned in Germany.

2003  Publication in English of the Rudolf Report, by the expert Max-Plank Institute chemist Germar Rudolf, showing how his chemical investigation compared to Leuchter’s. Both measured residual -cyanide in walls of alleged ‘gas chambers.’

2006  A letter from the manager of Arolsen archive Mr Jost stated that their complete records (for fifteen of the German labour-camps) showed not one case of death by cyanide poisoning. [3]

2006  All 29 volumes of diaries of Goebbels, Nazi second in command, each of 500 pages are finally published.

In 2010 Thomas Dalton pointed out, they do not allude to a lethal intent towards any ethnic group, but consistently point towards an export program as the ‘final solution.’

2008  Bradley Smith starts putting adverts in US campus newspapers, offering a reward for ‘anyone who can give, with proof, the name of one person gassed in a German gas-chamber’ No-one ever tries to claim this reward.

2009  The modern Revisionist journal ‘Inconvenient History’ stars up

2009  A German court was informed by Kevin Kathner that the total of reparation suits filed by alleged Holo-victims and paid by the German finance ministry, is 5,360,710 DM. He argued (in his self-incrimination case) that this figure negated the Holocaust concept, by showing five million Jews alive at the War’s end. (Smith’s Report, Jan 2009)

2010  Spain repeals its law making Holocaust-denial a crime. That only leaves ten European nations which still have such laws.

2011-12 Media articles and videos on the web, on the H-subject, which allow comments posted underneath, normally show a large majority skeptical of the Holo-story, i.e. pro-Revisionist, which was not the case in earlier years.


[1] Rupert Butler’s ‘Angels of Death,’  1983, first described the torture.

[2] He expressed this in the 2nd and 3rd editions of his book, The Destruction of the European Jews, and in his appearance at the Toronto trial of Ernst Zundel 1985.

[3] On 27.11.06 the manager of the Arolsen Archive, U. Jost, replied thus to a query, by Mr Mannstein.