Essential Revisionist References

Inconvenient History, A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry, is the principal Revisionist Journal today. All of the journal’s articles are published free online.

Smith’s Report, Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990.  Published by the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. Bradley R. Smith, Founder.

The Revisionist Journal, once edited by Germar Rudolf the publication ceased after his imprisonment in 2004.  Published at

The Journal of Historical Review,
hundreds of articles, reviews and essays from 1980 to 2002, published by the Institute for Historical Review. No longer active.

The Barnes Review continuing the revisionist tradition of Harry Elmer Barnes started following the First World War.

The list of Inconvenient History articles by year:

Editorial: Bookburning in the Style of 2011, by Richard Widmann    IH 2012, 1

Resistance Is Obligatory, by Germar Rudolf  IH 2012, 1

Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example, by Dan McGowan   IH 2012, 1

Stephen F. Pinter – An Early Revisionist, by Klaus Schwensen   IH 2012, 1

A Postcard from Treblinka, by Thomas Dalton  IH 2012, 1

Review: The Wandering Who, by Ezra MacVie  IH 2012, 1

The Palestinians as an "Invented People", by Rich Siegel   IH 2012, 1

Relegation—A Formula for Blowback, by Jett Rucker   IH 2012, 1


Editorial: The Clash of the Nobelists, by Jett Rucker   IH 2012, 2

Historical Revisionism and 'Relativising' the Holocaust, by K.R. Bolton   IH 2012, 2

Christian Gerlach and the "Extermination Camp" at Mogilev, by Carlo Mattogno   IH 2012, 2

John Demjanjuk: The Man more sinned against, by Nigel Jackson   IH 2012, 2

A Postcard from Auschwitz, by Thomas Dalton   IH 2012, 2

On the Roads of Truth: Searching for Warwick Hester, by Klaus Schwensen   IH 2012, 2

Review: Night, by D.D. Desjardins   IH 2012, 2

Review: Hitler's Austria 1938-1945, by Ezra MacVie   IH  2012, 2


Editorial: Imprisoned at Ellis Island, by Richard Widmann   IH 2012, 3

Count Potocki de Montalk and the Katyn Manifesto, by K.R. Bolton   IH 2012, 3

A Revisionist in Prison, by Germar Rudolf   IH 2012, 3

Three Books on Treblinka, by Thomas Kues   IH 2012, 3

The Number of Victims of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, by Klaus Schwensen   IH 2012, 3

Review: The Black Swan, by Ezra MacVie   IH 2012, 3

Review: The Gas Vans, by Richard A. Widmann   IH 2012, 3

Comment: Revisionism's Final Victories, by Jett Rucker   IH 2012, 3


Editorial: Inconvenient History of the German Expellees, by Richard Widmann  IH  2011, 1

Churchill, International Jews and the Holocaust: A Revisionist Analysis, by Paul Grubach  IH  2011, 1

The Maly Trost. "Extermination Camp"—A Preliminary Historiog. Survey, Pt 1, by T. Kues  IH  2011, 1

Gassing, Burning & Burying: Capacities Reported for the Aktion Reinhardt Camps, T. Dalton IH 2011,1

Lanzmann's Shoah Witness Simon Srebnik, by Santiago Alvarez  IH  2011, 1

Lanzmann's Shoah Witness Bronislaw Falborski, by Santiago Alvarez   IH  2011, 1

Review: Attack on the Liberty, by L.A. Rollins   IH 2011, 1

Comment: Tortured History: The Foundations of Today's "Holocaust", by Jett Rucker   IH  2011, 1


Editorial: The Strange Case of John Demjanjuk, by Richard Widmann   IH  2011, 2

The Maly Trost. "Extermination Camp"—A Preliminary Historiog. Survey, Pt 2, by T. Kues IH  2011, 2

Jewish Conspiracy Theory, the Eichmann Testimony and the Holocaust: Deborah Lipstadt’s Contribution to Holocaust Revisionism, by Paul Grubach   IH  2011, 2

Review: The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes, by Michael K. Smith  IH  2011, 2

Review: The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes: Sleuthery in Retrospect, by Ezra MacVie  IH  2011, 2

Review: The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes: Delusion of the 20th Cent., by R. Widmann  IH 2011, 2

Review: The Great Holocaust Trial, by Martin Gunnels  IH  2011, 2

Comment: Instant (Self-) Revisionism: The Goldstone Affair, by Jett Rucker   IH  2011, 2


Editorial: No Peace for Rudolf Hess, by Richard Widmann   IH  2011, 3

Tomasz Kranz's "Mass Killings by Toxic Gases in the Majdanek Concn Camp", by J. Graf  IH  2011, 3

Deir Yassin: Inconvenient History, by Daniel McGowan   IH  2011, 3

A Premature News Report on a "Death Camp" for Jews, by Thomas Kues  IH  2011, 3

Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP, by Veronica Clark   IH  2011, 3

Race and History, Part I: The Zionist Racism of Anti-Racist Jared Diamond , by P. Grubach  IH  2011, 3

Review: The Wages of Destruction, by Ezra MacVie   IH  2011, 3


Editorial: Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism, by Richard Widmann    IH  2011, 4

Reexamining the "Gas Chamber" of Dachau, by Thomas Dalton   IH 2011, 4

The Report of the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission on the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, by Klaus Schwensen   IH 2011, 4

Evidence for Presence of "Gassed" Jews in Occupied Eastern Territories, Pt 3, by T. Kues IH 2011, 4

On the Avoidability of World War One, by Nicholas Kollerstrom   IH 2011, 4

The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of a Scholar , by Jürgen Graf   IH 2011, 4

Review: The Night the Dams Burst, by Richard Widmann   IH 2011, 4

Comment: Manna from Hell, by Jett Rucker   IH 2011, 4


Editorial: Barriers to Historical Accuracy, by Richard Widmann  IH 2010, 1

Goebbels on the Jews, Part 1, by Thomas Dalton IH 2010, 1

Chil Rajchman's Treblinka Memoirs, by Thomas Kues IH 2010, 1

The Truth of the Gas Chambers?, by Carlo Mattogno IH 2010, 1

The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Mythology, by Paul Grubach IH 2010, 1

Atomic War Crimes, by Joseph Bishop IH 2010, 1

Review: Christopher Hitchens and His Critics, by L.A. Rollins IH 2010, 1


Editorial: Death at Katyn, by Richard Widmann    IH 2010, 2

Goebbels on the Jews, Part 2, by Thomas Dalton   IH 2010, 2

Evidence for Presence of “Gassed” Jews in Eastern Territories, Part 1, by Thomas Kues   IH 2010, 2

Origins and Functions of the Birkenau Camp, by Carlo Mattogno   IH 2010, 2

Comment: Must We Loathe David Irving?, by Michael K. Smith   IH 2010, 2

Review: Andersonville Prison, by Jett Rucker   IH 2010, 2

Review: Literary Hoaxes, by Chip Smith   IH 2010, 2

Profile: John T. Flynn, by L.A. Rollins   IH 2010, 2


Editorial: Perpetuating the Wartime Mythology, by Richard Widmann   IH 2010, 3

The Lethal Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, by Joseph P. Bellinger   IH 2010, 3

A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism, Part 3, by Thomas Kues   IH 2010, 3

Christianity, Judaism and German National Socialism: 
Revisionism Confronts the Theology of Susannah Heschel
, by Paul Grubach  IH 2010, 3

Katyn: Unanswered Questions, by Joseph Bishop  IH 2010, 3

Review: Debating the Holocaust, by Martin Gunnels  IH 2010, 3

Review: Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews, by Thomas Dalton  IH 2010, 3


Evidence for Presence of "Gassed" Jews in Occupied Eastern Territories, Part 2, by T. Kues IH  2010, 4

Going Underground: Catacomb Revisionists & Revisionist Repression, by F. Freeman  IH  2010, 4

Halfway Between Reality and Myth: Hitler's 10-yr War on Jews Reconsidered, by T. Kues  IH  2010, 4

Joe Sobran (1946-2010): Relegated Champion, by Jett Rucker  s   IH  2010, 4

Comment: Never Again What?, by Jett Rucker  s   IH  2010, 4

Deathride: Hitler vs. Stalin, the Eastern Front, 1941-1945, by Joseph Bishop   IH  2010, 4

Profile: Paul Rassinier, by Richard Widmann  s   IH  2010, 4


The Challenge to Revisionism, by Richard Widmann  IH 2009, 1

Freedom, Democracy and the ‘Conquering of Evil’, by Mark Turley IH 2009, 1

A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism, Part 1: Early Doubts (1945-1949), by Thomas Kues IH 2009, 1

Christianity and the Holocaust Ideology, by Paul Grubach IH 2009, 1

Review: After The Reich, by Joseph Bishop IH 2009, 1

Review: In Defense of Internment, by David Wilson IH 2009, 1

Review: Human Smoke, by Chip Smith IH 2009, 1

Profile: James J Martin, by Richard Widmann IH 2009, 1


Editorial: Totalitarian Liberalism, by Richard Widmann IH 2009, 2

The Prohibition of Holocaust Denial, by Joseph Bellinger IH 2009, 2

The “Nazi Extermination Camp” of Sobibor in Context of Demjanjuk Case, by Paul Grubach IH 2009, 2

Tree-felling at Treblinka, by Thomas Kues IH 2009, 2

David Irving and the “Aktion Reinhardt Camps,” by Jürgen Graf IH 2009, 2

Review: The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II, by Joseph Bishop IH 2009, 2

Review: The Myth of Natural Rights, by Martin Gunnels IH 2009, 2


Editorial: The First Casualty, by Richard Widmann IH 2009, 3

Genocide at Nuremberg, by Mark Turley IH 2009, 3

Adolf Hitler's Armed Forces: A Triumph of Diversity?, by Veronica Clark IH 2009, 3

The Einsatzgruppen and the Holocaust, by Joseph Bishop IH 2009, 3

A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism, Part 2: Confronting Ulysses (1950-1955), by T. Kues IH 2009, 3

Review: Why American History Is Not What They Say, by L.A. Rollins IH 2009, 3

Review: A Lucky Child, by Thomas Dalton IH 2009, 3

Review: Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior, by Chip Smith IH 2009, 3



In contrast, the monthly ‘Smith’s Report’ edited by Bradley Smith, is more "chatty", with news of who did what to whom etc. Much of it is online:

January 2012

Jett Rucker,   Deborah Lipstadt Blasts 'Holocaust-abuse'  by U.S-Israeli Politicians   SR

Carolyn Jeager, Obama, Israel’s Houseboy, Names Elie Wiesel to U.S. Holo-Council    SR


Feb 2012

Carlo Mattogno  ‘Arthur Butz review of ‘Auschwitz, the Case for Sanity.’  SR

Jett Rucker   ‘Holo-Revisionism can “cause” anti-Semitism’ SR


March 2012

Robert Faurisson   ‘Against Hollywwodism, Revisionism’ SR

Richard  Widmann  ‘Bookburning in the Style of 2011’ SR

Jett Rucker  Holllywood,’ the Holocaust &  Hatred of Truth’ SR

May 2012 NK,  If Germany Declared Peace  SR

Guillaume Fabien  Faurisson forces Jewish lobby into Retreat  SR

July 2012

Jett Rucker   Berlin Diary: A Global Lawfare Conspiracy  SR

Heinz Bartesch   The Crime of Politicizing the Holocaust SR

Michael Hoffman   Canada Tosses out Section 13, Internet 'Hate Speech' Law SR

Abraham Cooper, Assaults on Collective Memory Becloud Europe's Future  SR

Sept 2012:

J.D.Bellinger,   The Prohibition of Holocaust-Denial   SR

Thomas Kues,  Researching “Aktion Reinhardt”   SR

Richard Widmann   Delousing American Style   SR

Richard Widmann   “Hitler’s Hidden Holocaust” Documentary  SR

Bradley Smith     Canadian Hate-Speech law declared Unconstitutional    SR

November 2012  

Robert Faurisson,  Revisionism will win

Chris Crookes,    Auschwitz conditions  ‘The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism’(Victor Fraenkel, Man’s Search for Meaning’ ) Sept 2012

January 2011

Dean Hierbud    The Morgenthau Plan in the Holocaust Myth SR

Jett Rucker    Julian Assange: Revisionist of the Still-Living and Powerful SR

Statement of John Demjanjuk SR

Petition to Free Horst Mahler SR

Michael Smith   Interview with Deborah Lipstatic SR

February 2011

UNESCO Symposium and Conference on Freedom of Expression SR

Thomas Kues  Facing a New Decade SR

Robert Faurisson   On Fred Leuchter SR

March 2011

Jett Rucker    Inchwise Revisionism SR

Life Sign   Life Sign  SR

Jimmy Marr Freedom of Expression at  University of Oregon  SR

Thomas Kues    “Memorial Center” Planned for the Sobibór “Death Camp”  SR

Statement of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk in Germany SR

May 2011

Paul Grubach  Churchill and the “Holocaust”  SR

Jett Rucker  History’s “Bleeding Edge” Revisionism as a Birthing Process  SR

Richard Widmann    The Inconvenient History of the German Expellees   SR

Statement of American Muslim Imams on Holocaust Denial   SR

June 2011

Thomas Kues   Demjanjuk Sentenced to Five Years in Prison   SR

Robertr Faurisson    Hail Sylvia Stolz!  SR

Richard Widmann   The Delusion of the Twentieth Century   SR

Dora Kennedy   "Holocaust" in Romania  SR

July 2011

Paul Grubach    Jewish Conspiracy Theory, The Holocaust and Deborah Lipstadt

Richard Widmann   The Strange Case of John Demjanjuk

Jett Rucker   Ringworm, Typhus, and Murderous Ministrations

Thomas Kues    A Brief Reply on the Logistics of the Holocaust

August 2011

Jett Rucker   What to Do about Campus Bogeyman  Bradley Smith   SR

Daniel McGowan   What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean?  SR

Letter by Six Hobart and William Smith Colleges Professors   SR

Paul Eisen   My Life as a Holocaust Denier   SR

September 2011

Jett Rucker, Enforcing Taboo at a Troubled Campus   SR

Arthur Butz Two Cutting-Edge Works of Holocaust Revisionism    SR

Hannover   What made you question the Holocaust?   SR

November 2011

Carolyn Yaeger,  Any Frined of Israel’s is a friend of Elie Wiesel   SR

Hannover    Were Jewish corpses cremated with a mere 3.5 kg of coke?    SR

Eric Hunt,  Banned from Stanford by Spielberg Cabal   SR

December 2011

Jett Rucker  International  Lawfare in Defense of  Holocaust Orthodoxy    SR

Bradley Smith  CODOH Challenge to Int. Assoc. of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists   SR

January 2010

Bradley Smith    The Anti-Defamation League/Hillel Compact   SR

Joseph Potts  Free-Riding on the Juggernaut of Conscience   SR

Paul Grubach   The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Mythology   SR

Review:  Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary  Social Behavior  SR

Robert Faurisson   A Revisionist Breeze is Blowing….    SR

Thomas Kues Review   “Escaping Hell in Treblinka”

February 2010

Joseph Potts   Fighting Hatred, One Lie at a Time    SR

Kevin Käther Sentenced Again (trans from German by J. Damon)   SR

Thomas Kues   Belzec - The Testimony of Chaim Hirszman   SR

“99% of Auschwitz Eyewitness Testimony  Cannot Be Substantiated” (trans J Daimon)   SR

Kevin Boyle   Ten Days of Holocaust “News”  & Ten Fair Questions   SR

March 2010

Bradley Smith    U. Of Wisconsin: Need for absolute Authority  SR

Michael Hoffman   Photo of  Zundel when he emerged From Mannheim Prison SR.

Thomas Kues   Two Important new studies by Carlo Mattogno   SR

Joseph Potts   “Intellectual Cleansing”—The Tyranny of Opinion

Arthur Butz   Circumventing Internet Blocking With Tor

Jason Smathers,  Editor in Chief,  Badger Herald, on Bradley Smith Holo-ad.

April 2010

Mickael  Smith    Dogma, Double Standards, and Doubt:  The Bradley Smith Heresy   SR

Robert Faurisson    Is Gilad Atzmon  becoming a Revisionist?   SR

Jet Rucker   Holocaust History—a Family Matter   SR

Thomas Kues    The Führerbefehl According to the WJC in 1945   SR

Carlo Mattogno   Elie Wiesel: “The Most Authoritative  Living Witness” of The Shoah? 

May  2010

Bradley Smith    The Student Newspaper & Question of  Taboo at Cal State U Fullerton  SR

Jett Rucker    The Unexploded Ordnance of Wartime Propaganda   SR

Thomas Kues   An “Amazing” Letter from Treblinka   SR

John Wier   Can’t Stop the Signal    SR

July 2010

Arthur Butz  "Holocaust" Debate in Hungary    SR

Jurgen Graf  Hungarian Holocaust Debate:    SR

Carolyn Jeager    New CODOH Website to Challenge Elie Wiesel on Auschwitz Tattoo   SR

Paul Grubach  Richard Dawkins:  Hardcore Atheist -- Holocaust Theologian  SR

Thoms Kues    Soviet Mouthpiece Journal in Late 1944:  Only Some 3 Million Jews Exterminated

Mike Smith   I Tried to Place a Holocaust Denial Ad    SR

August 2010


J P Bellinger     The Tragic Death of a Night Porter    SR

Thomas Kues    the Einsatzgruppen and the “Holocaust” in the Soviet Union    SR


September 2010

Thomas Kues Radio Talks of Thomas Mann & Genesis of  Mass-Gassing Allegations   SR

Jett Rucker   Oliver Stone: A One-Man Conspiracy against Censorship?   SR

Paul-Eric blanrue   A Petition on Behalf of Vincent Reynouard    SR

Ed Edman    The Inquisitional Torture of Jehovah’s Witnesses    SR

Eric Hunt    The Last Days of Steven Spielberg   SR

Austrian Gerd Honsik Refuses to Recant   SR

November 2010

Bradley Smith   International Conference on Anti-Semitism and H-D   SR

Bradley Smith   An Appeal to Students at Boston University     SR

Kevin Kather    Kevin Käther's August 2010 Trial    SR

Jett Rucker     Elie Wiesel: The Silence of the Sham    SR

A Message from Vincent Reynouard  Regarding Freedom of Expression  SR

December 2010

Bradley Smith   The Phenomenon of Holocaust Denial    SR

Jett Rucker    Fraud Begets Fraud (and More Victims)

Thomas Kues  Mauthausen and Genesis  of the Mass Gassings Allegation   SR



January 2009

Kevin Kather    The Growing Self-Accusation Movement  in Germany

Richard Widmann    Michael Shermer’s Ugly Critique of the “New Revisionism

Thomas Kues    The Importance of an Unimportant Witness [Auschwitz]

Paul Grubach review, Ian Kershaw and the Final Solution

Robert Faurisson and Dieudonne:  A Scandalous Handshake

J Myers,   “Inconvenient History”  The Launch of a New Revisionist Blog

February 2009

Arthur Butz    Mark Weber and IHR  Are Not Relevant to Revisionism

Serge Thion    On Mark Weber's Gloomy Mood

Thomas Kues   Vrba and Wetzler Meet Himmler

Bradley Smith  Mark Weber and me

March 2009

Richard Widmann  The Case of Bishop Williamson

John Wier   CLAPPING FOR TINKERBELL (Bishop Williamson)

Thomas Kues     Reflections on the Case of Aribert Heim

Bradley Smith Mark Weber and Me:

Bradley smith   The campus Campaign

April 2009

Robert Faurisson    Mark Weber Must Resign from Institute for Historical Review
Thomas Kuas    On Cherry Pink Discoloration in  Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: SR
Paul Grubach   Why Is There No Evidence for the Final Solution?   SR

May 2009

Richard Widmann  Announcing a New Revisionist Journal  Inconvenient History  SR

Bradley Smith   Three days in March

Editorial Advisory Board for Inconvenient History   SR

Ruchard Widmann   Inconvenient History: A Call for Dissident Writers

Stephen Gallant    False Witness: Father Patrick Desbois & “Holocaust” in Ukraine   SR

Thomas Kues review, The Nuremberg Interviews  by Goldensohn    SR

The Campus Campaign

June 2009

Paul Grubach    A US District Court Judge & the Demjanjuk Case    SR

Well-wishers & the Launch of Inconvenient History   SR

STATEMENT OF INTENT By the Inconvenient History Blog Group   SR

Thomas Kues    Remembering Hiroshima "Remembering" Auschwitz   SR

Kevin Käther Reflects on His Appeal  (trans from German by J Damon)   SR

July 2009

Thomas Kues How to Escape from a Homicidal Chamber Over the Years it Gets Easier

Eric Blair    The Holocaust:  No Laughing Matter, Till Now

J Myers Review, Mark Turley From Nuremberg to Ninevah

Ilan Pappe  The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine    SR

Chip smith   Persecution:  an update on the [British]  "Heretical Two"


August   2009

G Fabien   In the Wake of the Williamson Affair the Case of don Floriano Abrahamowicz   SR

Thomas Kues  On Rudolf Hˆssí Alleged Visit to Treblinka    SR

Robert Faurisson   French Sociologist Alain Besancon Discovers Religion of Shoah   SR

Review    After the Reich:  The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation    SR

The London Times:  Simon Weisenthal was a liar      SR

September 2009

J.P.Bellinger    The Prohibition of Holocaust Denial  

Thomas Kues   Researching “Aktion Reinhardt”  Some Notes and Reflections  SR

Richard Widmann  Delousing American Style    SR

Richard Widmann  “Hitler’s Hidden Holocaust”:  The documentary fails to deliver   SR

Canadian Hate Speech Law Declared  Unconstitutional   SR

November   2009 

Bradley Smith    The taboo against Free Enquiry At Harvard  U.   SR

Martin Gunnels   The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays   SR

UN telling Hamas to teach Gazan children about the Holocaust      SR

Thoms Kues  More bumblings form Bomba    SR

December 2009

Anti-Defamation League and Hillel Join Forces to Go “Mano a Mano” with Smith

2009 List of Incarcerated and Indicted Revisionists

Thomas Kues  Treblinka - More Bumblings from Bomba    SR

Richard Widmann  Reviews Irving, Banged up: Survival as a Political Prisoner

January   2008

Rodrigo Mendoza    A look back at 2007 on CODOHWeb

Paul Grubach review   The “Final Solution”: Extermination or Ethnic Cleansing?


February 2008

Richard Widmann   Jürgen Graf: An Interview

John Wier   The Enemy of My Enemy

Bradely Smith    How to Schedule an Event at a Mexican Cultural Institute

Joseph Bishop review, GOLD IN THE FURNACE by Savitri Devi

March    2008

Bradey Smith   Deborah Lipstadt The Power of One Question Working

N. Kollerstrom    School Trips to Auschwitz

Nigel Jackson   Eucharist & Holocaust: Heresy as a Mode of Political Control

Richard Widmann  Our Voices: The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism

In the News: Georges Thiel jailed  


April 2008

Bradley smith   THE LIPSTADT QUESTION Will They, or Won’t They?

Horst Mahler   A Report on the Latest Developments in Germany

Thomas Kues   Experto Crede, or How to Escape from a Homicidal Gas Chamber



May 2008

A Conspiracy of Silence: Deborah Lipstadt, & Noam Chomsky

Thomas Kues   What Remains to Be Researched?

Mike James   Germans Now Denying the  Holocaust Telepathically


Fred Toben review   Willis Carto and the American Far Right


June 2008

Bradley Smith  Bertrand Russell Helps Define the Campus Project

Professor at University College London Fired  for Publishing on CODOHWeb

Thomas Keas  A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased


July  2008

Bradleyt Smith   ONE NAME WITH PROOF The Campus Project

Richard Widmann  German Poison Gas (1936 – 1944)

Thomas Kues    Sobibor Strangeness – A Small Compendium

Robert Faurisson    Geo-Strategic Effects of Revisionism:  The Iranian Lesson

In the News (Revisionists in Jail)

September 2008

R. Widmann  20th Anniversary of Leuchter Report,  An Interview with Leuchter

W. Halvorsen   Errol Morris Shines a Light on Fred Leuchter


Dan Desjardins Recalls his Introduction to Fred Leuchter

Joseph Bishop Ponders Leuchter and Which Way Revisionism

Thomas Kues,  on Yehuda Bauer’s foreword to  Müller’s Three Years in Gas Chambers

Kathy Shaidl   First They Came For…. Canadian "Hate Speech" –

October 2008


Arthur Butz  Keine Liquidierung  

Paul grubach   Ahmadinejad’s Reasonable Stance on the Holocaust

Thomas Kues Review   Mengele: The Complete Story (Posner & Ware)

November 2008

Thomas Kues   The importance of Arolsen

Paul Grubach   The Holocaust:  Our Dominant Religion

Thomas Kues Review  SOBIBOR: A History of a Nazi Death Camp

J Damon translate,  Revisionism Is a Vital Component of  Enlightenment

December 2008

Michele Renouf   Total Victory in Töben Case

Greg Alan    The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies:  a Major Change in the Nuremberg Myth?

Thomas Kues     The Alleged Experimental Gassings at Bełżec

Vincent Reynouard    “A Decisive Encounter”

January 2007

Bradely Smith   The “Battle for the Campus” Goes to Teheran

Germany Panics over Iranian Holocaust Conference 

Faurisson to Be Tried for Attending Iranian Holocaust Conference

Tehran Conference Denounced by World Leaders

Arthur Butz review  JAILING OPINIONS, Heresy Trials by Lady Michele Renouf

March 2007

G Deckert,  The Trial of Germar Rudolf in Mannheim District Court

UN Adopts Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

Richard Widmann    Interview with a Holocaust Heretic: Georges M. Theil

April 2007


H Schaller   Criminal Law Aspects  of the Holocaust Problem

Fritz Berg   Poison Gas from Wood Chips The Nazi Alternative Fuel

June 2007

Richard Widmann   review  The Leuchter Reports, Critical Edition  

Peter McNally   The Zionist-Semitist Holocaust Story Is Unfounded

July 2007

Bradely Smith   VICTORY IN BAJA! A Revisionist Dream Come True (film festival)

Arthur Butz  The Bad Arolsen "International Tracing Service” Will it Reopen?

J Bellinger   Auschwitz in the Shadow of the Cross

August   2007

Bradely Smith   REVISIONIST THEATER Preparing to Take the Show on the Road

September 2007


Paul Nemeth OUR VOICES  The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism

Bradley smith   RAUL HILBERG DIES AT AGE 81

Fritz Berg    Why I Must Rewrite Everything I Have Written  about Diesel Gas Chambers

Paul Grubach   The Holocaust Ideology:  A Threat to Human Life

Bradley Smith   Fragments from the Journal of a Holocaust Revisionist

October 2007

Bradley Smith The Miracle of Jewish History: Exodus & Jewish Patriotism

Scott Smith   OUR VOICES The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism

Patrick McNally  A SHOAH BUSINESS PLAN - Profit,  Prophesy, Fun

N. Kollerstrom   The Verdict for Trial of Germar Rudolf  in Mannheim District Court


November 2007


Ted O’Keefe  Is the Genocide Racket Starting to Unravel?


Denierbud   Nazi “Shrunken Heads” Explored Further

Bradley Smith   OUR VOICES The Human Face of Holocaust Revisionism

December 2007

Richard Widmann   THE HOLOCAUST The New Founding Myth of American Society

An Appeal from the GEORGES THEIL Support Committee

A S Marques  Sobering Thoughts on “The Perfect Religion”

R Widmann review   Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies & Archeologicy  by Mattogno


Irving threatens to sue Jewish Chronicle over H-D slur


The Revisionist Journal alas didn’t last long, once its editor Germar Rudolf was arrested in 2004. Four years of back-issues are here sorted alphabetically by keyword


Allied plans for annihilation    Nordbruch, Claus   R, 2004, 2  Annihilation of German people  

Anti-Defamation League     Grubach, Paul   R, 2002, 1   ADL & Bradley Smith

Anti-semitism        Shamir, Israel    R, 2004, 3       On anti-Semitism & Superhumans

Auschwitz controversy   Rudolf Germar    R, 2004, 4     Number of Au. victims

Atrocity propaganda WW1   Grubach Paul   R, 2002, 4   Is there a lesson here?

Auschwitz, air photos    Allen Andrew,   R, 2000,4   Aerial Photo Surveillance of Auschwitz

Auschwitz four million   Mattogno Carlo    R, 2003, 4    The 4 million Figure for Au.

Auschwitz number of victims   Mattogno Carlo R, 2003,4   II Franciszek Piper & The Number of Victims at Auschwitz 

Auschwitz trial judge     McCullough, Ross             R, 2001, 3  Jan Sehn Judge at Au. trial

Auschwitz Trial 1972      Lueftl    R, 20004, 3        1972: A Different Auschwitz Trial

Auschwitz witness      Baum, Gerhart   R, 2004, 4         A Witness experience

Blue hue of victims      Provan Charles  R, 2004, 2          Blue colour of Jewish victims

Bomba of Treblinka        Smith, Bradley    R, 2003, 2         Abraham Bomba barber of Treb.

Bunker 1 at Birkenau    Mattogno, Carlo    R, 2003, 2   The ‘Discovery’ of Bunker 1

Chelmno Camp?         Weckert, Ingrid     R, 2003, 4      What was Kulmhof/Chemno?

Construction expert view  Rademacher, Werner  R, 2004, 3  Engineer’s deathbed confession

Dachau                           Brewer, George      R, 2001, 2     Uncle Remus goes to Dachau

Dachau Horror exposed      Luftl, Walter     R, 2003, 4      Dachau horror-tale exposed

Two Dachau diaries               Weckert Ingrid   R, 2004, 3    Two times Dachau

Deaths at Auschwitz      Faurisson, Robert  R, 2003, 1      Deaths, The Dwindling total

Deaths at Auschwitz     Rudolf, Germar    R, 2003, 1    Cautious mainstream revisionism

Deaths at Auschwitz      Mattogno, Carlo   R, 2003, 1     Meyer’s new revisions

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