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Thursday, 3 January 2013

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 What happened to Joel Hayward and how long are we going to put up with this?

A few weeks ago I posted The Hayward Thesis  and remarked that it was my favourite Holocaust revisionist text. I also mentioned that, under pressure, Hayward recanted.

I would no more believe Hayward saying, under pressure, that millions perished in gas chambers than I would have believed Galileo, also under pressure, saying that the sun went round the earth. I don't believe it and I don't believe Hayward (or Galileo for that matter) believed it either.

Still, this piece by Thomas Fudge describes and evaluates some of that pressure and, after you've read it, you can read what happened to Thomas Fudge.

This all happened over ten years ago but it's still happening now so, we might also ask ourselves, how long are people going to put up with this?


For the past three years, newspapers, national periodical publications and television programmes have intermittently provided coverage about the Joel Hayward affair: a story of a New Zealand student who wrote a controversial thesis. Contestable work and arguable conclusions are not uncommon in modern universities but Hayward's unpublished... [read more]