Daily Life in Auschwitz
from British Intelligence decrypts, 1942

British Intelligence successfully decoded messages from the German labour-camps through the year 1942. It happened at Bletchley Park, where the famous Enigma codebreaker, with the huge calculating-engine called Colossus beside it, opened the German codes. That had a key role in Britain winning the War by giving vital info about submarine positions etc, - but, little attention has been given to its disclosures about the concentration-camps. Kept as top-secret for fifty years, that material was finally released in the mid-1990s. Before that, historians had little more to go on, than a summary of it made by the British intelligence-analyst F.H. Hinsley, back in 1981, where he obscurely stated:
"The return from Auschwitz, the largest of the camps with 20,000 prisoners, mentioned illness as the main cause of death, but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings."[1]
Once this data was released, an unexpected problem arose: the priceless decrypts – the most authentic information anyone could possibly want about daily camp life under the Nazis – yielded no crumb of evidence that any ‘Final Solution’ had been ongoing! Quickly, experts had to start started apologising for how British Intel had somehow ‘failed to apprehend’ the Holocaust.[2] More recently the historian Nick Terry has concluded, ‘It would therefore seem as if British intelligence was largely hoodwinked in the first half of 1942.’[3]
Was it?
Rather feebly, experts were obliged to conjecture – as Holo-historians had been doing through the previous decade – that innocuous-sounding phrases concealed the fiendish meaning and intention. For example, sending Jews ‘to the East’ alluded to mass gassing.[4] But is that really how historians are meant to behave? Should not their conclusions be drawn from the data, rather than imposed upon it? We here explore the view, that the understanding by British Intelligence of these decrypts, was sound.
I came to peruse these top-secret wartime documents in the Public Record Office in the autumn of 2012[5], thrilled to turn over the crinkly pages with old, blue typewriter-print and MOST SECRET... NEVER TO BE REMOVED FROM THE OFFICE red-inked across the top. Here were confidential wartime documents from the head of MI6 to the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, plus decrypts straight from Auschwitz! I apprehended why the Holo-historians had not wanted to know about these priceless wartime texts...
Summer of 1942
The year 1942 is a turning-point in our story, when Exterminist historians believe that the terrible mass gassing of Jews began, at Auschwitz. The ‘machinery of mass murder’ to use Jean-Claude Pressac’s phrase, got going! As Dr Terry explained, ‘the machinery of the death camps was in place and the policy of “selection” on the ramps at Auschwitz was instituted from July 17, 1942[6].’ August was the month when the biggest and worst typhus epidemic hit the camps. That shock reverberated though Auschwitz in particular as the long-extinct disease of typhus, a bacillus carried by body lice, returned to haunt the labour-camps. A Polish resistance movement might have introduced it to the German military:[7] civilians entering the camp had brought it, not the inmates deported there.[8] New protocols called ‘special treatment’ (‘Sonderbehandlung’) were swiftly developed and implemented,[9] for all camp members, that involved routines of hair shaving, cleansing and delousing of clothing, bedding and living quarters.[10] Two uttely different interpretations of that summer, one Exterminist and the other Revisionist, stand before us when reading the following decrypts.
Here are inmate figures[11] from the decrypts, for Jews, Poles and Russians, at quarter-year intervals:

                                        Total       Jews     Poles    Russians
      January 1942    9884        191      9186    2095
     April          10242       1296      8475     354
     July           16369[12]   6241      7676     153
     October        16996       7500      6470      -
     January '43    28350      11332     12646      -

There were more Poles than Jews in the camp: Jews comprised 39% of the inmates on average, Poles 65% and Russians a mere 3%. (The two categories of Poles and Jews are overlapping, maybe why the ‘totals’ here given don’t add up.) Many people have conjectured that far larger numbers than these had been arriving but not departing, unmentioned in any monthly reports:[13] but in that case, what would have been the point of keeping meticulous daily records of people coming and going? Some eighty-five thousand persons arrived at the Auschwitz camp that year.[14] It’s hard to see more than forty thousand Jews arriving, from those figures, plus others coming and going. The camp’s Monthly Reports often have many Jews leaving the camp, as well as arriving. Of the deaths in the camp that year, nearly sixty percent were Jewish[15], and in such a nightmarish situation one can appreciate how stories got going.
Each monthly bulletin reports on the previous month. The report for June (with camp names in capitals) said:
V Labour and Industry
The shortage of manpower leads to a considerable employment of prisoners outside as well as inside concentration camps. There are constant enquiries regarding the trade of prisoners and evidence on the part of undertakings and firms of demand for prisoner labour.
On May 1st, LUBLIN can provide: 1200 clerical workers and students, 200 bakers, 150 butchers, 350 agricultural workers and 800 workers of various trades, total 2700. (85/7). On the same date DR. Caesar is informed that KL RAVENSBRUECK disposes of 3 German speaking women horticulturalists and 2 botanists. (85/12). The transfer of 95 skilled workers and 180 unskilled workers to the GUSTLOFF works is arranged on May 13th at the rate of RM 5,00 per day and per prisoner for skilled workers, and RM 4,00 for unskilled workers. (60/8). KL DACHAU sends 18 prisoners to the Versuchsanstald fuer Ernaehrung und Verpflegung on May 15th., at a rate of RM 0,30 per day per prisoner. (70/8) 20 prisoners are required on June 22nd. For laying a field cable from ENNSDORF to MAUTHAUSEN (139/15). In KL FLOSSENBUERG, prisoners who are not fit for heavier work will be employed on repair work, and the finishing of children’s toys. (80/28). A demand for 30 to 40 prisoners comes from a cement factory (131/18). Himmler himself requires by 10 a.m. on May 27th the number of glass blowers available in KLA (86/34); and canvassing of makers of musical instruments is proceeding in July (174/1).[16]

At last it can be told - prisoners not fit for heavier work had to finish off children's toys. 

Beside the monthly totals, comments such as these were written:
Dachau: on 19 May, 18 prisoners to be transferred.  20 May, 67 prisoners leave. 20 carpenters sent from Dachau to Mauthausen.
Auschwitz: A Pole escaped, 13 May. 15 May, Himmler expresses his interest in the tanning experiments.[17] 9 June: Typhus, 18 out of 106 died.

August: 'On 5 June AUSCHWITZ is told that for political reasons they will not receive 2,000 Jewish workers, but on 17 June Jewish transports from Slowakia are announced..’ June 9: 'Typhus dominates the camp: 18 out of 106 cases have died before 15 June; 22 out of 77 further cases have died before 22nd June.' Camp MAUTHAUSEN: ‘They are told that Dr. Ruscher is allowed to use coloured photography which is necessary for his experiments. On 4 May a prisoner is shot in flight.’       
September  'For the first time returns are given for deaths of prisoners: the figures for August are: NIEDERHAGEN 21, AUSCHWITZ 6829 (or 6889) men, 1525 women; BUCHENWALD 74; FLOSSENBURG 88. The AUSCHWITZ figure represents about 30% of the total given in the IPCC figures; the cause is likely to be typhus, as typhus was rife in June (see last summary) and a policeman is suspected of typhus in September. Deaths must constitute a large proportion if not all of the "departures" mentioned in the GPCC figures, which total 5325 for 19 days of August. During 19 days of August arrivals total 4989 so that they nearly balance deaths. About half of the prisoners are Jews. AUSCHWITZ is said to be under a ban on 4th September. Deaths in BUCHENWALD represent a tiny proportion of the departures.'[18]
Suddenly, a vast mortality was reported in one camp – viewed by British historian Nick Terry as part of a covert Jew-extermination program.[19] But that is not a logical inference, on account of the way camp mortality then plummeted after September,[20] once the epidemic had been brought under control. Typhus plus typhoid fever and dysentery, diahorrea etc., were raging in the camp, a real nightmare with inmates banned from leaving owing to the risk of infection: as David Irving wrote: 'There was evidently a deadly epidemic raging at the camp, since a message of September 4 in reply to a request for a thousand prisoners for building the Danube railway, stated that Auschwitz could not provide them until the 'ban' (Lagersperre) on the camp had been lifted.'[21] The ‘ban’ confirms that the terrible peak in mortality was caused by infectious diseases and not something else.
 Camp Kommander Rudolf Hoss applied for some rubber truncheons, but was advised they were ‘unobtainable in Breslau.’[22] There is a report of some executions taking place:  'Executions are reported: a Russian civilian is shot when attempting to escape from NIEDERHAGEN. FLOSSENBERG is allowed a lorry and a bus to convey Polish civilians to a wood for execution. A prisoner is hung in HINZERT and nine more are shot.' One may conjecture that, if a Polish resistance movement had indeed started the typhus epidemic, the execution of a whole busload of Poles in September could have been payback.    
October: ‘The large influx of Russian civilians, Jews and Poles continues and it is reasonable to suppose that deaths from typhus are still high in AUSCHWTZ and probably in other camps such as NIEDERHAGEN and HINZERT. Concentration camp prisoners are being used in large numbers in COLOGNE, and there is evidence of a cutting down of outside commitments to increase the number of prisoners available for war work. A new camp is intended at DEBICA. SACHSENHAUSEN evidently contains Englishmen as it has asked for an English interpreter. Some light on conditions in Concentration camps is shown by the instruction that a visiting labour commission is not to be shown either “special quarters” (Sonderunterbringung) or, if it can be avoided, “prisoners shot when escaping.”
 A fall in the inmate population was discussed:
Auschwitz: ‘The total falls from 22,455 on 1st Sept. to 17,365 on 30th Sept. and to 16966 on 20th Oct. No figures for deaths have been given this month and therefore it cannot be said what proportion of the daily departures, which amounts to 2395 on 7th Sept, 1429 on 8th Sept, and otherwise vary between 550 and 47, are due to death: it is however known that at least 11 SS men have been taken into hospital on suspicion of typhus during October. As about 2,000 men in the total are always unaccounted for, it is difficult to be certain in what categories the arrivals and departures belong. But on 7th Sept. the numbers of political prisoners, Jews and Poles have fallen by 1, 2020 and 284 respectively, a net loss of 2305; the net loss in the total column in 2379; therefore it is clear that the majority of the departures are Jews.
That sudden drop of several thousand in inmate population was due, the analyst concluded, not to illness but to departures, chiefly Jews. He was scrutinising the several columns of data. Some ten percent of the total camp inmates are ‘always unaccounted for’ he concluded – which helps to resolve the vitally-important issue: with all the comings and goings in the labour-camps, about ten percent - which here amounts to two thousand out of some twenty thousand - remain unregistered. In this situation, there cannot be tens of thousands of Jews continually arriving, as Hilbert wants to believe. Instead, a majority of the departures are Jewish. That ought to settle quite a bit of the ongoing debate.
November: 'the use of prisoners for war industries on a large scale is discussed below...the largest transference is the move of Jews to AUSCHWITZ for the synthetic rubber works. Another major movement is the transference of sick prisoners to DACHAU. Meanwhile typhus continues, particularly at AUSCHWITZ... the women's camp remains stationary at about 6500 because arrivals balance departures.'
Jews are here being imported into AUSCHWITZ as skilled industrial labour, at the Buna-Monowitz plant. The report for Dachau confirmed this: ‘Large departures .. due to prisoners being sent on war work to Auchwitz and other places, which removes all but 9 of the Jews and many Russian civilians.’ The camp total was around ten thousand. Thus, sick prisoners were being farmed out to the Dachau camp, while fit-to-work Jews went the other way.
In December there were over twenty thousand inmates at Auschwitz: ‘half of these numbers are Jews and large numbers arrive and depart every day.’

January of 1943 at Auschwitz, 'The Buna-werk is still employing 2210 men of whom 1100 are on the actual work. Jewish watchmakers are sent to SACHSENHAUSEN where they are urgently needed. Typhus cases continue to be reported although strenuous measures have been adopted and 36 cases were found among the new batch of prisoners on 22 Jan.’
Jews are alluded to in these decrypts with a respectful tone, being imported into Auschwitz as skilled industrial labour, or urgently needed as watchmakers somewhere else. Clearly, one can either have an ongoing program of extermination or have workers capable of doing skilled work – but, not both. This new and detailed info about the camps has to comprise a final stake through the heart of the Exterminist thesis.  
These decrypts allude several times to Heinrich Himmler in relation to the camps: that he took an interest in some tanning experiments, that he asked about how many glass blowers were available, and that he sought out makers of musical instruments. On 17 July, 1942 he visited Auschwitz and it’s always claimed that he ‘witnessed a mass gassing.’[23] One has a choice here, between two different stories, between two different worlds.
These primary-source documents show a momentous change in the summer of 1942, with the outbreak of typhus and the initiation of ‘special treatment’ routines. Sudden death arrives, but I suggest that no intentional extermination is happening. Winston Churchill’s speech about ‘We are in the presence of a crime without a name...’ on 24 August 1942, no doubt alluded, as Dr Terry has made clear, to what decrypts had been telling him about the brutal Russian campaign - and not, as has been alleged in certain quarters, to ‘the Holocaust.’[24] [25]     
A focus upon these British Intelligence decrypts could exert a terminal effect upon the ‘Holocaust’ industry. Holo-tomes tomes roll off the press (Dr Terry had kindly sent three hundred titles published since 2000), but have they not ignored this primary-source data? They omit discussing what the decrypts describe, for the very reason that we are here concerned to expose it.
The Primary Sources
We seek out the primary-source data, in order to find the truth. For example, there are two raw-data sources, which are more or less independent, for how people died in the German labour-camps: the Death-Books of Auschwitz, and the Arolsen Archives (now called the International Tracing Service), a database collected by the International Red cross over the last sixty years. The latter covers all the German labour-camps. These two sources have two important things in common: a roughly similar number of Jewish deaths recorded, around thirty thousand, for the Auschwitz camp, and also that neither source records one single death by gassing.    
The British-intel decrypts didn’t record the deaths but only ‘departures’ – which includes deaths -  except for the one month of August 1942 when it gave a figure, and we’ve shown how this is fully compatible with the number given by the Death-Books for that month. 
But, if anyone still wants to believe in huge numbers of Jews brought into the camps, not being recorded as ‘arrivals’ and then gassed right away – a quintessentially unverifiable concept – then a different kind of argument will have to become relevant, of intact coke records. This has not here concerned us, but the records of coke consumed by the cremation-ovens do impose a strict ceiling upon the number of bodies that can have been cremated.
Thus we emerge from Storyland, we leave behind us the Fairy Tale from Hell, which a Culture of Untruth wanted to manipulate. Instead we choose to analyse the actual, primary-source data. Nowadays hardly anyone believes the words of politicians, and we respectfully suggest that uncensoring the truth would be the best way to make progress towards a civilisation that would be worth living in. We politely request open debate concerning the meaning of these British-intelligence decrypts.

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