Holocaust Handbooks

A series of over 20 books examining major aspects of the Holocaust. These are not diatribes, but serious academic works going behind the myth to establish what realy happened.

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Online Revisionist Books


Auschwitz crematorium & first homicidal gassings   2005, Mattogno, Carlo

Auschwitz: The First Gassing Rumor and Reality.  2005, Mattogno, Carlo

Auschwitz a Judge looks at the Evidence,   1986, Staeglich, Wilhelm

Auschwitz lies, legends and prejudices,  2005, Rudolf and Mattogno

Auschwitz: open air incinerations,    2005, Mattogno, Carlo

Bunkers of Auschwitz: black propaganda vs history,  2004, Mattogno, Carlo

Chelmno. A German Camp in History and Propaganda,   2003, Mattogno, Carlo 

The Central Construction Office of SS and Police Auschwitz,   2005, Mattogno, Carlo

Did Six Million Really Die?,  1974, Harwood, Richard.  

Dissecting the Holocaust, the Growing Critique of Truth and Memory, 2003 Ed Gauss

The First Holocaust, Jewish Fundraising & Holocaust Claims, During and After World War One, 2003,  Heddesheimer, Don

Gas vans, a Critical Investigation,  2011 Alvarez & Marais 

Giant with Feet of Clay, Raoul Hilberg & his "Standard Work" on the Holocaust. 2001  Graf, Jurgen   

Hoax of the 20th Century, The Case Against Extermination of European Jewry, 1976, Butz, Arthur

The Holocaust and the Lies of Ulysses (formerly Debunking the Genocide Myth) Rassinier, Paul 1950, expanded 1955
Lectures on the Holocaust, Controversial Issues Cross Examined, 2010, Rudolf, Germar 

The Leuchter Reports, Critical Edition, 2005,   Leuchter, Rudolf & Faurisson  

Majdanek Concentration Camp, A Historical and Technical Study,  2003,  Mattogno & Graf    

Rudolf Report, Expert Report on Chemical and Technical aspects, 2003, Rudolf Germar

Made in Russia the Holocaust, 1988, Carlos Whitlock Porter

Sobibor Holocaust Propaganda and Reality, 2010, Mattogno, Graf, Kues

Special Treatment at Auschwitz Origin and Meaning of a Term, 2004,  Mattogno, Carlo 

Treblinka, Extermination camp or transit camp?,  2004, Mattogno and Graf